Michael Frisch

mikeDr. Michael Frisch, P.E. and C.E.M., oversees all facilities and engineering design, environmental, health, and safety and data analysis projects. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering, and a Doctorate in Civil Engineering as well as a professional engineering license. He is also a Certified Energy Manager. Dr. Frisch has more than 20 years of experience in facilities management and environmental program design and regulatory compliance as well as the design of process systems and resource conservation efforts (water, energy, waste, etc.).

He also designed The Thrival Company trade-marked space utilization study process, which allows our organization to offer site utilization studies at a rate 50-75% less than our competitors.

He is known for his ability to save organizations money on resources and turning ‘wastes to riches’. With his strong technical background, research experience and training in statistical analysis, Dr. Frisch is responsible for analyzing, evaluating, and verifying the integrity of all data collection efforts whether they be surveys and focus groups in support of our facilitation projects or our space utilization studies where we analyze how personnel interact with their work environments. During his work for Spansion, Inc. he overhauled the industrial waste management program to reuse or recycle used oil, spent sulfuric acid, spent plating bath, and used isopropyl alcohol streams, reducing treatment and disposal costs by 97% and waste generated by 3.2 million pounds per year. He also designed and installed a process water reclaim system on 23 polishers and wet benches saving AMD $1.6 million annually. He also created, developed, and managed the Energy Stewardship Program to engage and educate 70,000+ campus occupants to reduce energy and water consumption at a major university deployed in 100 campus buildings comprising over 12 million gross square feet and developed and implemented technical and behavioral plans to reduce energy costs by $1.3 million over a 20-month period.

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