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Lisa Whited holds an M.S. in Organization and Management, as well as formal education in architecture and interior design. She is a management consultant, team trainer and interior designer supporting our workplace re-design initiatives. She uses a unique streamlined six-step, human-centered approach to manage projects, build teams and involve all stakeholders in the change process. She is able to connect documented research in the fields of psychology, neurology, organizational and human behavior to the programs she designs and facilitates.

Over the past 20-plus years Ms. Whited has established a successful process for - and facilitated and analyzed results from - focus groups that include diverse perspectives and demographics for hundreds of companies and organizations

Her special gift is building high performing teams, successfully including stakeholders in the process of change, and as a result, guiding groups to reach extraordinary outcomes. In addition to her facilitation work, she has designed workshops to enhance leadership, team building and stakeholder engagement, including Building Teams That Rock, How to Make Change When Change is Hard, Volunteer Engagement and Difficult Dynamics. She has received nine (9) awards related to her outstanding contributions to her profession and been published more than two dozen times in professional journals and publications on her unique work. She also holds a certificate in mediation and is skilled in dispute resolution.

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