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Elizabeth Frisch, Speaking Engagement

Elizabeth Frisch, Speaking Engagement

Author Elizabeth Frisch is available for Keynotes, Retreats, Facilitation, Coaching and Consulting. Elizabeth Frisch’s seminars and keynotes are known for two things: personal empowerment and comprehensive, actionable content. She is best known for taking complex business and academic leadership principles and making them simple to implement while empowering everyone to lead big visions into reality. Her seminars are part inspiration and part perspiration and, to many attendees surprise, fun!


Elizabeth is committed to her audiences’ success and so she focuses on teaching practices that everyone can adopt and master. Each practice is nested inside a framework that makes it easy to stay in action over time. We use the best adult learning methods in use today as well as development ones unique to your organization during our preparation process.  Ms. Frisch can find common ground and inspire any audience to change, lead, and take action.  She is highly recommended and endorsed by her peers on LinkedIn and Twitter @elizabethfrisch.


With the publication of her first book, she has set a personal goal that 1 million people achieve their visions through using the practices taught in the book by 2017. Book 1 of her three part Leadership Empowerment Series titled ‘Mission to Million$ - Taking Big Ideas and Making Them Reality’ is publishing in September of 2014 and her book tour will go through 2015. Her next two books are based on her leadership curricula from the Defying Gravity Leadership Academy and include ‘Change Yourself, Change Others’, and ‘Lead Yourself, Lead Others’.


“Elizabeth Frisch was amazing and I feel honored to have met her and to learn from her. USGBC really hit a homerun by retaining her. I appreciate her no-BS style and think it is a welcome change from many conferences I have attended.”  -- Katie, Attorney, Attendee of Leadership Conference for USGBC Chapter Board Members

“Your sessions were amazing and I haven't stopped talking about them. I also have been working on one of the practices you gave us in Defying Gravity, and have been amazed already at how much smoother things are going with both my mom and my husband. I actually had one of the most pleasant Sunday mornings I've had with my mom in as long as I can remember. Thank you for giving me the gift of this practice. I've been feeling more relaxed and have been walking around with a calm smile on my face!”  -- Nancy, Attorney and Former Chair of the Board, Southeast Regional Leadership Summit

“Personally and professionally, I love watching you at work.  You are my role model.  I admire how you have become a success in your personal, professional and inner life and you do so with grace and class."  -- Executive Director, 10-Year Visioning Retreat and Strategic Planning.

I sincerely believe that your gruelingly detailed planning and continued attention to all details, big and small, made this a very successful move; Well above my expectations. I was surprised at how few issues we had and am very pleased with how quickly they have been addressed. You have demonstrated to the engineers that they matter on an individual basis and are not just some group of “resources”.  -- Steve, Director of Engineering, Large-scale Corporate Change initiative

Elizabeth once again thank you for providing such great training. It was very educational but also fun, which is a hard combination to find.  -- Rosa, Engineer, Automotive Manufacturing

You are a miracle worker. I don't say that lightly. I feel the transformation in myself and know that the board was equally transformed.  -- Executive Director, CA Nonprofit.

My thank you this Friday is going out to YOU Elizabeth Frisch. Thanks for facilitating those sessions yesterday. Your insight, enthusiasm and pragmatic approach really hit home with me. You’re good at what you do and we all benefit from it.  -- Michele, Director, Ohio Strategy Session

It could not have been a more productive, pivotal and inspirational experience for all our new and old leadership.  You literally could feel the shift in consciousness, and a returning to a 'can-do mode' at the end of the two days.   I have no doubt that you will see an enormous change in our capacity and growth.  -- Board Member, Defying GravityTM Leadership, Fundraising and Strategic Planning Retreat

Your sessions are humorous, yet your message is very clear and the skills you taught us can be used in other parts of our lives…We are so grateful to you Elizabeth.  You have helped shape each of us into better leaders.  You are a light…!    -- Sara, Board Member, Attendee of a 2012 Leadership Summit

I cannot possibly explain how blessed I feel having you help us through this.  -- Korinne, Executive Director, 10-year Strategy Session

You at 50% is better than anybody else I know in this business of dealing with us crazy non-profit volunteer organizations!!  -- Dave, Board Member, Michigan Nonprofit.

I just have to tell you Elizabeth, I have a 'big girl' crush on you. I have so much to learn from you!  -- Staff Member, Attendee 10-year Visioning Leadership Retreat

Yesterday I went through a time management exercise in which I filled in an “inspiring interactions” section with people who inspire me.  I smiled as I wrote your name down, and thought both, “man, I want to be like Elizabeth Frisch,” and, “wow, it’s been awhile! I want more of Elizabeth Frisch!”.  You are an inspiration to me.  -- Elizabeth, Austin TX, Volunteer Manager and Leader

I want to tell you you’ve always impressed me – with your knowledge, presentation skills and ability to juggle family with all you do through work and volunteering. Plus, you handle everything so gracefully and with such a great attitude. I enjoyed working with you and learning from you. Thank you for all you do.  -- Meghan, Attendee of Defying Gravity Leadership Summits

You're the best Elizabeth! You are a brilliant woman and we are so fortunate to have you on our team. Thank you for all of your help and AWESOME feedback.  -- Ashley, Event Coordinator, Leadership Retreat

Thanks for your excellent facilitation and leadership this weekend. It was great (and I am not easily impressed)!  -- Lisa, Board Member, Merger Negotiation Project

Great job presenting today at [SVP staff] meeting. Your knowledge of the subject matter and the authority with which you wield it are inspiring!  -- Carrie, Director, Technology Company

I wanted to send you a personal note about how much you have helped me survive and thrive as Chair. You helped me through some of the toughest times I had as chair. More importantly, whenever I referred somebody to you or introduced you to a fellow board member, you were absolutely perfect. Your insights and advice helped the chapter, especially the Board, get their heads around what the Board really should be and how it can help the chapter succeed.  -- Dave, Former Chair of the Board, Michigan NPO

Elizabeth, thank you so much for the excellent, informative webinar you provided to our search committee yesterday. I know I benefited from the experience and I am certain the members of the committee did as well. As always, thank you for your support.  -- Sharon, Board Representative, Executive Leadership Hiring Project

I want to share with you that Elizabeth Frisch facilitated our recent executive board retreat and did an incredible job getting everyone on the same page. She has an incredible ability to get right to the heart of the matter and make simple sense of the most complex and involved ideas. We are fortunate to have her. Her individual coaching and guidance has really given me a broad sense of awareness and a specific, focused direction.  -- Jorge, Director, 10-year Board/Executive Strategy Session

“Elizabeth kicks butt and takes names. She was inspirational.”  -- Attendee, Fundraising for the Future, San Antonio Mid-Year Leadership Meeting.

You are a FANTASTIC leader, trainer and most of all, friend. There are people that come in and out of my life but you my friend have truly made a difference in me. The leadership skills that I have learned from you are put to use every day, thank you. I am so inspired by you Elizabeth, you are one of the most inspirational and energetic people I know.  -- Sara, Manager, Construction Company and Attendee of Defying Gravity Leadership Courses

I really love the work you do, I work with committees…and try to help them do good work for humanity, you have some great perspectives, and viewpoints. I feel that your unique twist can be inspiring and can help motivate these committees to even higher levels of performance. I wish you great success with your book and career, I will be one of the first in line to get a signed copy.  -- Jim, Engineer, Board Member, Consultant and Attendee of Defying Gravity Leadership Courses

Elizabeth, a big thank you to you (again), too. You gave us exactly what we needed and I am certain that no one else could have gotten it to the point you did since you are so intimately connected to our network. It was a bumpy process, but no one would know that based on the final result.  -- Margo, Manager, Annual performance report design and publication for 77 NPO office network.

“Elizabeth, Let me start by saying on behalf of myself & the leadership…, thanks for helping us through an incredible weekend. I didn't come this weekend to expect any giant surprises. That aside, I left Saturday having had an amazing "AH HA!" moment in regards to the fact that as proud as I am about [our] progress over the last four years…, we have really been radically missing the mark on effectiveness of who we are targeting and how we are targeting them.”  -- Wally, CEO, Attendee of Board/Executive Retreat

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