After 20 years of training, Elizabeth's corporate clients and attendees of workshops have asked for her to provide her methods in a way they could easily share with others. From those requests, The Empowerment Series was born. Book 1 was published in 2014 and reached bestselling status and No. 1 ranking in three categories an hour after launch. The Empowerment Series is being written based on her Defying Gravity Leadership Program. These books will empower every man and woman to lead big visions into reality in their community, workplace, and the world.


Book 1: Mission to Million$ (Published November 2014)

Most big visions never make it out of our heads much less into reality.  We have been taught from a young age to let them go as it's just 'not possible'.  Yet all positive change in our society can be attributed to people fulfilling on big visions.  It's so easy to think that "I'm not a visionary.  I can't do that."  Yet after 20 years of working with people across every level of government, small and big business and non-profits, Elizabeth Frisch has found that being a person who can take big visions to reality has nothing to do with where you came from or what education you have, and everything to do with following simple steps to nurture the idea out of your head, sharing, and spreading it into the world.

This book teaches 7 practices to become a master at shepherding an idea out of your head and into your home, workplace, community and world.  Where most books talk about people and their visions and the results, few books give the framework so anyone can replicate that success.  Book 1: Mission to Million$, is intended to bridge that gap and empower more individuals to succeed on their big ideas. The basis for this book is currently available as the Mission to Million$ Keynote, Public and Private Seminars, and an online Webinar Series. Contact deanna@thrivalcompany.com to schedule your company event.

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Book 2:  Change Yourself, Change Others (Publishing December 2018)

It is so easy to judge others.  Why can't they change this? Why don't they see that?  We spend a lot of life energy working to change others, whether they are our spouses, our kids, our friends, our bosses, our co-workers.  Most of us miss the fact that we ourselves can't even change our own behaviors, so how can we expect others to change so easily?  Book 2 of the series focuses on understanding why you don't change and gives powerful tools to master changing your own behavior.  By mastering these techniques, you can start to powerfully shift your own behavior and master your own circle of influence.  In addition, you will now be able to see where others are stuck in their own behaviors and guide them to another possibility.

Book 2 again teaches a simple framework to changing your own behavior.  Self-mastery is achieved through a series of habits that can be adopted by the reader as quickly or as slowly as they need.  It empowers the reader to see that all change first starts with you and self-understanding is the path to getting others around you to consider shifting.

The basis for this book is currently available as the Defying Gravity Leadership Curricula via Keynotes, Private and Public Events, and a webinar course. Email deanna@thrivalcompany.com to schedule your event.

Book 3 – Lead Yourself, Lead Others (December 2019)

How many times have you heard or said yourself, things can't change. This can't happen. This will never happen because of the bureaucracy or 'the system'. Yet every day, people lead big transformations in the face of bureaucracies and mountains of resistance.  When a big vision or change has to happen, traditional change management focuses from the top-down and tends to treat people like they are functions in the change process.  People who are able to 'move that mountain' and create huge shifts in their community, their company, or the culture at large know subconsciously that moving a mountain comes from the bottom up.  Individuals lead that shift.

Book 3 intends to bring what great leaders do subconsciously and naturally to every individual who is ready to lead a big initiative.  Using a culture change framework, the practices in this book empower every individual on how to move a large group of people towards a shared goal.  Each practice is broken down into simple steps where any individual can step into leadership and turn around a company, a community, a nation with no formal leadership training.

The basis for this book is currently available as the Defying Gravity Leadership Retreat, private and public events, keynotes, and a webinar series. Email deanna@thrivalcompany.com to schedule your event.

COACHING AND CONSULTING – Elizabeth is available to advise and coach on program design and implementation as well as review and advise on existing leadership goals, programs and initiatives. Performance and culture audits are available on a case-by-case basis. You can email her directly at elizabeth@thrivalcompany.com to schedule a free 1-hour consultation on your program.


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