Mission to MillionsTM - Seven (7) Practices to take big ideas and make them happen in reality.  (Based on author Elizabeth Frisch book Mission to Million$ releasing in 2014).

Defying GravityTM Leadership Academy - To be a leader, you literally have to defy cultural gravity on a daily basis.  This curricula which can be offered in multiple lengths and depth is now the basis of two books publishing in 2015 and 2016, Change Yourself, Change Others and Lead Yourself, Lead Others.

Strategy Summits - This strategic planning retreat uses our trademarked process for looking into the future to plan the next three years.  Take your strategic planning from boring to soaring!

Difficult Dynamics - Everyone almost every day of their life, may have to deal with conflict, upset, and difficult conversations.  How do you soar instead of hit the floor?

Taking Teams to the Top - Most of us make it through school without ever receiving a course on how to perform as a team; yet most of your success depends on your ability to do just that. This curricula provides empowering and dynamic content on working from small teams to managing large organizational transformation initiatives.

Performance and culture auditing - Traditional auditing merely list of a laundry list of ‘sins’ and show a bunch of symptoms. They rarely identify the root of the problem which is why the same findings re-occur year after year. This unique auditing course shows you how to re-design your audits to identify the cause and cultures driving the issue.

Environmental, health, and safety training - Have to meet an EHS regulatory requirement? Looking for a different way to teach compliance that delivers results? Try one of our customized EHS training programs!

Non-Profit Board Survival Basics - So you are on a Board of Directors. Do you really know what you signed up for?

Vivacious Volunteers - How to grow a volunteer base and avoid ‘burnout’ central

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