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Who is the Thrival Company?

We believe that leaders are made not born and that simple practices mastered through daily practice, produce extraordinary results.

elizabethThe Thrival Company was founded by Elizabeth Frisch. Author of Mission to Million$ - Taking Big Ideas and Making Them Reality publishing as Book 1 of the Leadership Empowerment Series in October 2014. She started her career in the early 90’s as a chemical engineer working on processes and systems; but was frustrated at the lack of sustained performance around those engineered systems. In 2000, she decided to cross-train into human psychology and behavior change, adult learning, business performance, and change management after realizing "you can’t engineer humans".

The Thrival Company was founded on her passion for combining technological solutions with high performance leadership. As a social entrepreneurial management consulting firm, The Thrival Company focuses on leading organizations to consistent high performance culturally, socially, financially, and environmentally (Our Quadruple Bottom Line).

Our staff and faculty are not just trained coaches, engineers, project managers, designers and facilitators, but recognized leaders and life-long learners in the areas of business transformation, culture change, leadership development, team building, strategy and the new social media environments. We also stay connected to the best and most effective models to drive performance through our strong connections with university research on these topic areas. Our personnel have provided services to more than fifty unique business sectors, federal, state, and local governments, non-profits, and the U.S. Military. We live locally and work globally.

Thrival School BBB Business Review .         

Meet the Core Team

“There is no happiness if the things we believe in are different than the things we do”- Freya Stark



Elizabeth Frisch is the founder and CXO of The Thrival Company.  Ms. Frisch has more than 20 years of experience leading, facilitating, teaching, designing, and auditing engineering, environmental, and organizational development programs nationally. Read more


Director of Facilities and Environment

Dr. Michael Frisch, P.E. and C.E.M., oversees all facilities and engineering design, environmental, health, and safety and data analysis projects. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering. Read more



Stephanie Grelle holds a B.S. degree in Biology with a Chemistry minor and serves as a Senior Environmental Consultant with the Thrival Company. Stephanie began her career as a Quality Assurance chemist in the pharmaceutical industry, and now has 20 years of experience in the Environmental Compliance field. Read more


Sustainability Program Manager

Kate Barber is specialist in corporate sustainability and communications. Kate's experience lies in program development, marketing, and communications for small, mid-sized, and Fortune 500 companies and local governments and managing mobility programs. Read more


Learning and Marketing Manager

Amy leads all of our graphic design and communication projects. She has over 15 years of experience in this field, working in the corporate world and then running her own businesses prior to joining the Thrival Company. Read more



Katherine Ray is a faculty member of the Thrival Company as well as the founder and President of Ray and Associates. In her role, she is responsible for the conduct of general management, human resource management, executive search, financial management, organizational studies, and classification and compensation studies. Read more 


Executive Assistant and Publicist

Deanna Koelzer serves as Social Media and Events Manager and Publicist for The Thrival Company. She specializes in accounts, customer service, marketing, including social media, event coordination and outreach. Deanna coordinates publicity engagements, speaking events, conferences, leadership trainings, and media opportunities. Read more 



Dr. Lana Petru joined The Thrival Company faculty in 2014 and has provided facilitator services to corporate entities, schools districts, and government agencies for more than 15 years. She has consulted to Fortune 1000 companies, school systems, and government agencies on leadership development. Read more

Meet more of our staff members.

About the Thrival Company

How we support you with risk and failure

We believe, in the current economy, ‘playing it safe’ has actually become a very risky way to run organizations and can rapidly lead to performance decline. All organizations, both public and private that want to flourish in today’s rapidly evolving conditions and resource constrained environments, need to build effective programs and empowered teams that identify opportunities quickly and execute ideas powerfully on limited time and resources.

Although society teaches us that failure is not an option, most research proves otherwise when studying how leaders achieve large-scale transformations at home, at work, and in our communities. Since failure is not only an option for you, but a normal part of any organizational structure, your leaders and team members must have the ability to re-bound, re-group, and learn quickly to reach ultimate success and goals.

That is where we come in. We are the company you can turn to in order to learn how to lead your people and big visions into reality. We design performance programs around your large-scale initiatives and visions while providing life-changing education that make leadership and action part of your organization’s DNA wherever you need to focus: your culture, your products and programs, your finances, your community or your environmental and safety performance.

Why we know you will love working with us

The Thrival Company maintains an ongoing relationship with the majority of its clients through repeat business and client referrals. Historically, over 90 percent of our projects come from our clients referring us to their friends, co-workers, and other organizations.

From evaluations of hundreds of facilitation projects, training events, and projects that were delivered by our personnel, 99.9% of clients would refer us, our training or our program services to others.

Where we are located

The Thrival Company was founded and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. We have staff and faculty members based in Texas and faculty located in California, Colorado, Idaho, Georgia, Maine, Missouri, Ohio and New York. Our faculty are able to execute projects across the globe.

We are a certified women-owned business, BBB accredited, and a GSA Contract Holder

bbb-logoThe Thrival Company/Thrival School LLC is a 100% women-owned business and certified with the Federal Government as a Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB) and are a GSA Contract Holder. We also hold certifications at the state and local level and can obtain additional ones upon the request of our clients.

We are also accredited with the Better Business Bureau so you know that we provide a high level of customer service to our clients!









Who are our clients?



Development in the Private Sector

Business is the backbone of the Global economy. Our faculty have worked with more than 50 different business sectors in all aspects of business leadership, operations, and performance.



Building Sustainable Growth

Non-profits need to understand that they are businesses as well. Without sustainable performance models unique to their vision, they cannot carry out their mission. We are passionate about supporting non-profits making a difference in the world!



Growing the Public Sector

The Thrival Company leads the way in public sector agency organizational and program development. Our innovative programs bring unique models and toolsets into the traditional public sector approach for amazing results.

What specific consulting services do we offer?


We support our clients in high performance programs and leadership through:

Thrival School – Multi-modal training and education for leadership and teams from the executive suite and board members to division management and operational units in the areas of leadership, teams, performance, auditing, mobility and environmental, health, and safety programs.

Thrival Environment – Facilities engineering, real-estate management, workplace optimization and design, and environmental, health, and safety compliance and performance programs.

Thrival Community – Building strong communities and relationships around social initiatives that shift behavior and cultures to support every organizations quadruple bottom line (social, environmental, financial, and cultural).

Thrival Business – Providing program design, implementation and auditing to over 50 different business sectors, the U.S. military and federal, state, and local government agencies.

  • "There are industry leaders, and then there are industry changers. Elizabeth and the Thrival team have set a new bar in the area of organizational development."

    Christopher Foltz, Christopher Foltz Collaborative. L3C and The Social Policy Institute
  • "Thrival School knows that the key to non-profit growth and sustainability is treating it like a business. Their help developing this thought process with actionable steps is priceless."

    Kane Clamage, Executive Director MOVE Chicago Forward and Founder, Honeybee Entertainment Media
  • "Elizabeth is inspiring, intuitive, and most of all makes the challenging work of self-improvement fun."

    Nancy Olah, Nancy Olah Law and Author of Fool a Carnivore

What we do best

Speaking and Training - Leadership and Technical Competency

Speaking and Training - Leadership and Technical Competency

The best learning happens through practical hands-on application and experiential learning. Our trainers are industry experts, published authors, keynote speakers, and technical experts in their fields of practice.

TRAINING: We provide comprehensive 360 degree training in leadership, teams, performance, auditing, EHS, legal compliance, and other unique and customized topics such as Innovation, Feng Shui, Optimal Health, etc. in an interactive workshop atmosphere.

METHODS: We can provide training face-to-face, virtually on-line, as well as via learning development systems using the latest technologies available on the market.

REVIEWS: Our clients love our training programs as 99.9% of attendees would refer others to the training they have taken.

KEYNOTES: Founder, Elizabeth Frisch is also a published author and keynote speaker. She is a highly lauded speaker and just a small percentage of the amazing evaluations and notes from her events can be found here.






Making Things Happen - Business Performance

Making Things Happen - Business Performance

We are passionate about helping organizations that are making a different in the world we live in whether for-profit, government, non-profits, or the U.S. military. Our faculty understand how the pace of change in the new economy has challenged even the most agile organizations to not just stay in business but continue to grow.

CONSULTING: Our management consulting services include program design, evaluation, management, and implementation in all areas of business performance.

AUDITS: We also provide auditing from standard compliance audits to state-of-the-art performance and culture auditing to discover sources of barriers and solutions to driving performance forward.

STRATEGY: Organizations ready for breakthrough performance engage us to support them in our unique strategic planning summits, executive and employee retreats, and leadership succession programs.

MEASUREMENT: Struggling with performance measurement, our technical faculty are experts at developing metrics and evaluating performance.

RISK REDUCTION: Identification and resolution of organizational risk and compliance issues, including facilitated sessions between operations, management, and employees to solve pervasive issues and problems.

Conserving Resources – EHSMS and Facilities Engineering

Conserving Resources – EHSMS and Facilities Engineering

Are you tired of your facilities costing you more and more money as resources become more expensive? Would you like your EHS programs to be compliant, high-performing as well as become less expensive and, in some cases, profitable over time? Our facilities engineering, real estate design and environmental, health, and safety management system (EHSMS) experts know intimately how poorly run facilities and EHSMS programs impact a company’s bottom line. We take your liabilities and make them assets.

EHSMS and Facilities Engineering: We offer comprehensive environmental, health and safety program design, permitting, management, auditing and performance measurement. In addition, we develop source reduction programs, identify waste minimization opportunities, create Pollution Prevention (P2) plans and provide Environmental, Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) training, design, implementation, and auditing assistance. Our facilities engineers can specify, design, optimize, and evaluate facilities systems and reduce operating costs. We can also provide comprehensive health and safety assessments with our audit partner Berg Compliance Solutions Inc.

MOBILITY: Real estate is expensive and typically poorly utilized. We offer space utilization studies, workplace behavior studies, project management and re-design of work environments to enhance mobility, productivity, employee satisfaction as well as substantially reduce real-estate costs. We also offer comprehensive support in the design, implementation, and management of telework, flex-time, and commuter programs.



High performance and leadership excellence can be achieved through mastering simple practices. Learn how right here!




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